Things to Consider when You’re Hiring a Web App Developer

Hiring Web App Experts What to Consider First in San Diego, CA

Part of your organization’s digital marketing strategy should include adding a web app. This means you may need to hire an outside person to make this happen. What criteria does this outside person need to meet to fulfill your business needs? The San Diego web design experts at Saba SEO explain what you should consider first when hiring web app experts.

Previous Work

Ask to see their previous work and inquire about the length of time they spent in total for each app. Did they meet the customers’ timelines? What problems did they encounter?

Development Philosophy

How do these developers work? What are their processes, from idea to finished product? Are their approaches compatible with your own work style?

Customer Satisfaction

Most developers will have customer testimonials. What do the testimonials say, and what do they omit? If there are no testimonials, ask if you could speak to their clients to ask about their experiences.

Company Culture

Creating an app requires you to spend a lot of time working with the app development team. Therefore, you want to make sure they work in a way that complements your organization’s style. Ask about their company culture. Do they have teams, or do they work in a hierarchy? If you’re uncomfortable working with their style, it won’t matter how talented the group is. You’ll have issues.


What are the security protocols the potential app development experts implement? Apps with poor security can be back doors that enable hacking of websites or mobile devices. Any sort of issue will ruin your new app’s reputation. Make sure a potential app company has security as a top priority.

Source Code Rights

Ask for source code rights. If that’s a problem, move on to another app expert.

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