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How Amazon’s New Home Services Could Affect SEO

If you have been keeping up with marketing news, you may have heard that Amazon has launched a new marketplace for local businesses called Amazon Home Services. In brief, this new service allows consumers to order and schedule services ranging from plumbing to interior design. Beyond sounding like an easy fix for everyday tasks, leading San […]

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The Effect of Amazon Home Services on SEO

Questions to Ask Your Future Online Marketing Team

When you are hiring an online marketing firm in San Diego, you should do your research ahead of time so you can be sure that you are getting the services and support that you need. While you certainly need to know the company’s basic services and rates, there are some questions that often go unasked […]

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Questions for Prospective Marketing Teams

How to Determine the Value of SEO Services

If you have invested a portion your business capital into search engine optimization for your website, you probably want to know if it is actually worth it. Fortunately, you can determine the actual value of your search engine optimization services by calculating your anticipated and actual return on investments. Prior to calculating your return on […]

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Data for Content in SEO San Diego, CA

The Importance of Link Building for SEO

If you are trying to promote your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines, San Diego internet marketers say that link building may be one of your most effective strategies for search engine optimization. To put it simply, links from blogs and other locations of the internet to your site are recognized by search […]

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Building Links for SEO

Using YouTube to Promote Your Business

If you are a San Diego business owner or webmaster who is trying to get a brand recognized, video content may be a tool that you can take advantage of. On average, a keyword search on Google returns a results page that consists of over 50% videos. Of these videos, about 90% come from the […]

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Promoting Your Business on YouTube

What is Google Web Designer?

If you are a business owner that is striving to connect with the online market, you probably know that having a well-designed website is large part of SEO and promoting your brand. Google Web Designer is a fairly new tool that can be useful for these purposes. What is Google Web Designer? Google Web Designer […]

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Google Web Designer

A Basic Overview of Paid Search

Paid search, also know as pay per click (PPC), is a common advertising model used throughout the online market. In contrast with methods that pay websites for simply hosting ads, paid search only requires payments to websites when visitors click on the advertisement and visit the advertiser’s website. This advertising model offers a large range […]

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Basic PPC Guide

Today’s Top Online Marketing Trends

In an online world that is becoming increasingly connected to innovative people and companies from across the world, it is more important than ever to keep your marketing skills ahead of the game. Learn the online marketing trends of today to improve your business’ or blog’s online presence. Social Media is Changing The use of […]

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Marketing Trends 2015

Are Subdomains Bad for SEO?

If you are like many dedicated webmasters, you may have considered transitioning content such as a blog to a subdomain of your primary website. This may seem like a simple and easy way to consolidate existing content, but too many subdomains can have a negative effect on the search engine rank of your primary domain. […]

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Subdomains for SEO

Hit by Google’s “Quality Update”?

If you are among the many people that strive for high search engine rankings in order to draw traffic to your website or an SEO in San Diego, you probably want to listen up. After a series of major website rank changes in the Google search engine, Google has announced that their system of assessing […]

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Googles Quality Update