Does My Business Need to Use Call Tracking?

Why You Need Call Tracking At Your Organization in San Diego, CA

You’ve worked hard to get customers to contact your business. You’ve been working on your SEO, and now customers are calling. How did your customers find you? Was it because of your online or offline efforts? This is why you need call tracking at your organization. The professionals from Saba SEO, one of the most experienced and innovative San Diego marketing companies, offer some ways to track those calls as well as reasons tracking is so important to your business.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Assigning a specific phone number to a marketing source is a very easy way to uncover where people found your business. Online, when a customer sees your business information, that same phone number will be available at a later time. It will remain in the customer’s search.

Recording Calls

Many organizations record customer service calls to monitor quality. Recording conversations also allows you to develop training opportunities. What kinds of questions are customers calling about? Are your agents prepared with the best information to solve problems and answer questions?

Tracking Numbers

Creating tracking numbers for all your online and offline campaigns can give you the best information possible. This will help you determine which medium influenced a customer to respond to a call to action.

PPC Keywords

Some next-level call tracking links PPC with keywords. Services can track how customers found you according to particular keywords. This information should be used with your other analytical tools to determine the keywords that help customers find you.

Detailed Data

Sometimes it takes a few sources before a customer calls. There are ways to track if a client has previously called and texted you. This information extends to email correspondence and web activity. You can get the full customer picture.

Tracking Outbound Calls

Customers are calling in, but are your agents calling out? Tracking these calls can help you determine if your team is following up on customer calls.

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