Getting Started with Content Marketing

How To Start Content Marketing in San Diego, CA

You want to delve into content marketing but don’t know where to begin. Here are some tips on how to start content marketing today, provided by the experts from Saba SEO, one of the most experienced and innovative marketing companies in San Diego.

Decide Who Your Customrs Are

You may decide to work with small businesses, individuals, or large conglomerates. The content marketing strategy will be different for each of these types of customers. Knowing your customers’ personas can help you craft your content marketing strategy.

Determine Customer Needs

Find out your customers’ needs by examining their questions and comments on your current content. You may have a cornucopia of products or services, but if one particular item is getting the most notice, focus on that. This is the key to getting information on your customer needs. If you currently have a mailing list, you may also consider asking a few questions or offering a sort of online focus group. You can offer a discount or a free product or service in exchange for this information.

Create Content

Since you now know more about your customers, you should also know what sorts of content your audience responds to. Perhaps your demonstration videos get the most comments and attention. Focus on creating more of those types of content, but don’t give up on other types of content completely. You can try out webinars or even a podcast to see if you can expand your audience or further serve your customers’ needs. Don’t forget good photography and infographics. Make sure you share your branded colors and keywords in that content.

Share Your Content

Share your content with your audience. Visual content is very sharable. A good infographic can be shared multiple times and create new customer awareness of your product. Sharing good content using PPC (pay per click) is also another way to expand your audience. The response to this type of content can help you quickly determine if you’re on the right track.

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