The Code of Conduct for Online Reviews Every Business Needs

How to Respond to a Review as a Business Owner in San Diego, CA

Online reviews can either make or break your business, so it’s definitely in your best interests to pay attention to what people are saying about your brand. If you take the right attitude towards managing and responding to online reviews, you can start making this feedback work for you and actually improve you’re online marketing efforts.

Check In on a Daily Basis

Consumers are paying attention to what online reviewers are saying even if you aren’t. Make a concerted effort to stay abreast of all the most recent posts about your business on popular review platforms. This will give you a clear understanding of just how powerful these platforms can be in terms of driving new business to or away from your company.

Never Respond from a Place of Anger

All companies have the capacity to attract both positive and negative feedback. It is not possible to please all customers all of the time and not everyone is guaranteed to like what you have to offer or what you do. Try not to take negative reviews to heart and never respond to them from a place of anger. If necessary, spend some time offline before writing your response so that you can avoid posting statements that you might regret later on.

Solve Problems in a Visible Fashion

Negative reviews give you the chance to respond to and resolve problems in a transparent way that helps your company garner more trust. This is why it is so important to keep your cool and craft your responses strategically. Showing others that the customer always comes first will make your company stand out while limiting the impact of unflattering feedback.

Be Gracious

Always thank people who’ve taken the time to upload positive comments about your company. This will help you build a friendly, personable brand that people are more likely to comment on in the future. Engaging with people who’ve posted to review platforms also gives you the opportunity to upload links back to your website, blog or social networking pages for increased connectivity, exposure, and improved search engine optimization in San Diego.

With the right mindset, you can use the reviews to help your business grow. If you could use help, give us a call at (858) 277-1717 and learn more about our online marketing services, including SEO, PPC, and social media management in San Diego. Schedule your free consultation today!