HTTPS Sites Can Be Seen on Google Results

HTTPS Sites Are Found on Google Results in San Diego, CA

Google takes several ranking factors into consideration, and HTTPS is becoming an increasingly important ranking signal. In 2014, Google said they considered HTTPS a “light” ranking signal. However, by mid-2016 approximately 30 percent of page one results on Google were using HTTPS protocols. Experts at a reputed SEO agency in San Diego explain why Google is now giving more consideration to HTTPS.

Why HTTPS Matters

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) provides an additional layer of security when information is exchanged between a website and a browser. The “secure” part of HTTPS implies all of the information sent back and forth is encrypted, which matters because:

  • Encryption prevents third parties from seeing what’s being sent
  • There’s less chance of corruption of data during the transfer of information
  • Communication is limited to only the intended website

Improving the User Experience

It’s no secret Google values the user experience. If a site is using standard HTTP, it’s not secure. This means the user’s data could be compromised during the transfer of info from a website to its browser. After Google suggested HTTPS may be given more weight, many website owners began making the shift from standard to secure HTTP. According to one estimate, half of all websites may now have HTTPS.

It’s already clear Google favors HTTPS sites. The company’s Chrome browser requires websites that collect sensitive information (credit card numbers, social security numbers, addresses, etc.) to have HTTPS. The protocol is equally essential for all e-commerce sites. Adding an extra level of security to a site can also provide peace of mind for searchers who are wary of high-profile data breaches.

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