Changes Going on in Social Media Marketing

How Social Media Marketing Is Changing in San Diego, CA

Social media marketing has evolved beyond the random post. It now requires a strategy, analytics, and tweaking. The social media experts at Saba SEO, a premier marketing, web development, and SEO company in San Diego, offer a brief overview of how social media marketing is changing.

Content Calendar

Creating a detailed content calendar is key to your social media success. Have a general content calendar for the year. Fill in important industry and company dates. Then figure out what content and social media marketing strategies need to be created for those important events.

Knowing Your Audience

One way social media is changing is that you must create social media content based on the specific platform. Before you can go forward with this successful strategy, you must know your customers. Knowing what platforms they prefer, understanding how to make those customers feel a part of your branding tribe, and creating content that resonates with them starts with knowing everything about your customers.


To see your social media strategy succeed, you must create high-quality content. This includes both words and images. Don’t forget good spelling and grammar are as important as the quality of the content you share.


Immediately engage with every customer who asks a question or has a problem. Potential customers will see this and judge the quality of your product or service based on this interaction.


Find ways to tie new trends to your product or service. This is part of the magic of social media. New customers can find you with these sorts of posts.

Analyzing Data

Always analyze the social media data. Check which platforms are more successful and figure out how to improve your performance on the less successful platforms. Test different times to post. You may be surprised at what you find. Always make small adjustments toward improvement.


Consider teaming up with influencers to grow your social media marketing on various platforms.

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