8 Ways to Adjust Your Marketing Efforts While People Are Staying at Home

Tips to Adjust Your Marketing Efforts While People Are Staying at Home in San Diego, CA

Forced isolation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has driven people to their computers and web-enabled devices even more than usual. While this may seem like a good thing for brands and businesses, the shift in normal routines has changed how people search and interact online. What this means for marketers is that they need to remain engaged and build trust at the same time. The digital marketing professionals from Saba SEO, one of the premier marketing companies in San Diego, suggest these eight specific things you can do to adapt your marketing in times of forced isolation.

1. Explore Video Content

Videos are instantly appealing and more likely to generate interest, which is why content of this nature also has the potential to generate leads and encourage engagement even in times of forced isolation. From brief intro videos and product demos to personalized welcome and thank-you videos and animated offerings, there are many ways to use video for your marketing needs right now.

2. Go Virtual

In-person events are pretty much impossible to successfully pull off with the forced isolation and other restrictions that are in place right now. What you can do instead is go virtual with events like conferences, client meetings and introductions, and webinars.

3. Repurpose Presentations

If you normally rely on in-person sales meetings to generate leads and solicit sales, take a look at the slide presentations you use for these meetings. Pay attention to quick facts and other relevant info you could repurpose for use online. For instance, some of your fact-heavy slides could become infographics.

4. Create New Infographics

If you don’t have existing slides or similar content to work with for infographics, shift some of your marketing dollars to creating new ones. This also allows you to customize newly created infographics for your website, various social platforms, paid ads, and email campaigns.

5. Update Your Website

A large portion of the increased online traffic generated because of forced isolation is going to various websites. You’ll absolutely want to make sure your website has been updated to reflect the current situation. This may involve:

• Posting a quick message to address the pandemic
• Focusing more on products/services that can be accessed from home
• Checking your site’s security, especially if you allow customers to complete transactions on your website
• Adjusting website content that’s no longer relevant or appropriate

6. Revisit Your Keywords

Social isolation has changed search habits, which means people are using keywords differently to find what they’re looking for online. Go back and check your keywords to see if they’re still relevant to your target audience. Also, update your negative keywords to exclude terms related to the coronavirus that are no longer appropriate for your intended marketing purposes.

7. Create/Update Blog Content

Have your customers’ concerns and problems changed? If so, your blog is the perfect place to respond. You’ll also want to temporarily remove blog posts that are overly salesy or no longer appropriate. Instead, focus on things like explaining how your business is helping the community and posting content that builds trust and inspires.

8. Be More Active on Your Social Platforms

Lastly, step up your social media activity. Even if social media isn’t normally a big part of your marketing plan, it can be a real lifesaver now in terms of engagement and messaging. Being more active on social media also gives you a chance to monitor interaction in real time, see what concerns are being expressed, and present relevant content quickly.

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