3 Marketing Options That Are Better and Cheaper Than PPC

Marketing Options Better Than PPC in San Diego, CA

Pay-per-click advertising is like a double-edged sword. It can direct more traffic to your site, but it can also be a costly endeavor, and you may not even see relevant results. San Diego internet marketing experts discuss 3 marketing options cheaper and more effective than PPC.

1. Email Marketing

Due to the widespread use of mobile devices, people can check their email from anywhere. With the right strategy, an email marketing campaign can generate more interest than PPC. It’s a far more personal approach to marketing, and it can include specific offers based on recipients’ previous purchases to further generate interest. It can also be cost-effective if you put together well-researched lists.

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves partnerships with people who are genuinely interested in your offer. These individuals also have a significant online following, which means many of their followers can consider any recommendations they make. Although you’ll have to share some of your content with influencers, it can lead to long-term and mutually beneficial arrangements.

3. Organic SEO with Relevant Content

The long-term payoff with organic SEO can be cheaper and better than what you’d get with PPC. A successful SEO strategy involves producing useful content and putting it in front of your intended audience. You may be tempted to revert to paid campaigns when you think organic SEO isn’t working. However, the problem is often a lack of understanding of how customers are searching for your products or services online and what type of content they consider relevant.

Another cheaper alternative to PPC is a pre-roll ad that pops up on YouTube before a video starts playing. Unlike PPC, you won’t have to pay for each view if viewers click “Skip” after watching five seconds of your ad.

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