What Is Content Curation?

Golden Rules of Content Marketing

A content curator sifts through the large sea content on the internet in order to single out and present only what is most relevant and meaningful to their audience. Unlike content marketing, which necessitates the creation of new content, content curation is the process of discovery, archival, and targeted sharing.

Why Is Content Curation Important?

One of the biggest and most immediate challenges faced by a nascent brand is building its following and establishing a strong online presence. Content curation is essential to establishing brand identity, increasing brand awareness, and developing relationships with customers and followers. By regularly sharing relevant, interesting content from other sources, you establish your company as a thought leader in your industry, connect with other thought leaders and influencers, and economizes marketing resources. It also provides more content for your followers to share and supports SEO efforts.

How Do You Successfully Curate Content?

The most essential characteristics of a savvy content curator are vigilance, attentiveness, and discretion. A content curator must constantly be on the lookout for relevant content while keeping in mind that each piece of content that a brand shares has the power to either increase or decrease its value. While relevant content can foster a stronger connection with the target audience, irrelevant content can quickly repel the audience and hurt the brand’s reputation.

Because of the abundance of online content, automated tools can help streamline the task. Specialized curating services such as Curata allow curators to swiftly organize, annotate, and share the most valuable trending content at any given time. The Tweeted Times can be used to organize new posts in the user’s Twitter stream by popularity among the followers. Rock The Deadline is a service that allows publishers to instantly curate topical multimedia content on each of their profiles in a timely manner.

Content curation is an essential component of any content marketing strategy, but it’s a big task that some companies can’t manage on their own. If that’s the case, we can help! Saba SEO is a digital marketing agency in San Diego specializing in SEO, AdWords management, and social media marketing. Request a free consultation today by calling (858) 277-1717. We look forward to hearing from you!