Essential Content for Any Editorial Calendar

Best Content for Editorial Calendars for SEO in San Diego, CA

You may notice that you’ve fallen into a pattern of three or four types of reliable content. It’s easy to do, and most of us have been guilty of it once or twice. To mix it up, SabaSEO in San Diego suggests trying these 15 different types of editorial content.

1. The List (Theme and Variations)
Start with a central idea, then identify several ideas that bring greater meaning to the original.

2. Company Stories or News
Stories related directly to your company allow your audience to identify with you more. Remind them of your humanity and that you are passionate about making their lives better.

3. Case Studies
Show how your company provided world-class service to a customer. Or, demonstrate new or unexplored ways to use your product.

4. Keyword Exploration (SEO)
Take one or more of your most powerful keywords or phrases to build an article around. Explore the language of your audience.

5. Explain Why
There are issues in almost every industry that may not be clear to most customers. If you can describe something complex in a way that’s easy to understand, you create authority for yourself.

6. Explain How-To
This is another way to create authority. If you can help potential customers to do something they couldn’t do before, that builds trust and gratitude.

7. Product Review
Review a product that has solved problems for you that your audience would be interested in.

8. Book Review
When you read something you know your audience will love, share it with them.

9. Unexpected Angle
Take an idea that we think we fully understand and shed new light on it by describing it from a significantly different point of view.

10. Predictions
They are especially relevant at the end of the year, but can be used whenever a big event occurs in your industry.

11. Research
Explain new research done within your company or from outside sources.

12. Interview
Discuss an interview with an industry influencer published elsewhere. Or conduct the interview yourself.

13. Facts and Stats
Share unusual and interesting stories and figures that your audience probably doesn’t know about.

14. Roundup
Instead of creating purely original content, share with your audience the best ideas that you’ve recently discovered from other industry sources.

15. Testimonials and Quotes
It’s always good to have customers tell their own stories of how much better your company has made their life.

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