How to Brighten Up Content for Dull Niches

Tips for Improving Your Content in San Diego, CA

No matter how fascinating you may find your particular business niche or industry, the typical online searcher may not feel the same way. If you work within a niche that’s generally labeled as “boring” by people who don’t live and breathe all things related to that industry on a regular basis, it can be a challenge to connect with customers and inspire people to view and share your content. Thankfully, there are some clever ways to remedy this problem and create content that’s more enticing. Follow these tips from the marketing experts at Saba SEO, a premier SEO company in San Diego, to spruce up your content.

Link Your Niche to Trending Topics or Events

Do some “newsjacking” and make a list of buzzworthy upcoming events, such as a big movie premiere everybody is talking about or trending topics. BuzzSumo Trending and Google Alerts are among the tools you can use to keep tabs on what’s generating the most interest online. It’ll probably take some creative brainstorming, but you may be able to form relevant connections to your niche by: 

• Finding a unique angle to discuss 
• Transitioning from a brief discussion of the trending topic to services or products you offer that may be somehow related 
• Using vague or broad connections to relate the story or topic to your niche (this is usually doable with some creative writing)

Use Industry Events You Attend to Your Advantage

If you regularly attend industry events, go beyond simply being an attendee. Actively seek insights from other attendees and speakers. The content you get can then be used for blog or social media posts. If you conduct interviews, you could use them as video content and do some editing to make them relatable to your business.

Use the 6-3-5 Method to Find Crossover Opportunities

The idea behind 6-3-5 is to have six people (e.g., colleagues, coworkers, or employees) write down three ideas related to a specific topic in five minutes. When you’re finished, you should have quite a few topic ideas at your disposal, including some that could successfully cross over into the mainstream media.

Offer Original Views on Topics Already Covered

Browse the Web for content related to your industry that’s getting a lot of attention or generating positive feedback. Then, put your own spin on that content and contact the owners of the website where your inspiration was originally published to see if they’re interested in using it. Do the same thing with content presented by online influencers on social media or popular bloggers. If you come up with a unique take on a popular topic, they’ll likely be inclined to include your content.

One other tactic to consider is checking in with people outside your industry. This way you’ll be able to find out what outsiders might find interesting about your business or niche and what causes their eyes to glaze over. These outsiders could include journalists, popular bloggers, or contacts you’ve made through your regular business dealings who work in different but complementary industries.

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