Using Data to Create Engaging Content

Data for Content in SEO San Diego, CA

Whether it’s facts and figures unique to your industry or specific to your business, finding data to weave into your content isn’t that difficult. The key to using that data effectively, however, is presenting it in a way that resonates with your desired audience in the form of engaging content.

Tell Compelling Stories

The bits and pieces of information you use within your content can convince a reader to dive a little deeper into your content if there’s a story to follow. The “story” that unfolds can be examples of solutions you offer to common problems emphasized with some startling stats.

For example, “With identity theft occurring every 2 seconds, there’s no doubt you can benefit from our services…”

Keep It Relevant to Your Business

According to San Diego digital marketing companies, any data you present within your content should be relevant to your business and the visitors likely to be viewing your site, reading your blog, or checking out your social posts. Achieve this goal by finding data that fits into your content after it has been written or using internal facts and figures.

Make It Easy to Digest

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by data, especially when it’s in the form of facts combined with specific figures. However, your data isn’t going to be effective if it gets lost in a sea of content. Make any significant data you use within your content easier to interpret and understand, by:

  • Presenting fast facts as bullet points
  • Spacing facts and figures throughout your content
  • Explaining why it’s relevant to the reader
  • Presenting some significant data as an infographic

Even when you find an effective way to present data in your content, you’ll want to keep everything current and meaningful. Periodically confirm that your data is still current and relevant, and add new data now and then to keep your content engaging.

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