Are You Following the Golden Rules of Content Marking?

Golden Rules of Content Marketing

It never hurts to stay ahead of the game and prepared for the future by keeping up with the many rules of content marketing. Because of the way the marketing world works changes so frequently, San Diego search engine optimization companies recommend staying sharp on the latest golden rules that will bring you success.

1. Start a blog

There’s simply not enough content to market if you don’t have a blog. Blogs are the fuel for all different types of marketing, including search, social media, and most importantly, content marketing. 

2. Use social media

There are literally hundreds of free social media websites that businesses and websites can market on. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are just a few of the main outlets, but there are also places like StumbleUpon and Google+ to share your content on.

3. Don’t keyword spam

Maybe when Google had the old rules for search engine optimization keyword spamming in your content worked. Now, if Google crawls through your page and sees keyword stuffing it actually hurts your overall ranking.

4. Customize your blog

Remember that blog you started? Make sure that it’s actually tailored to your customer’s tastes instead of what you want. Changing things up based on the overall preferences of your customers and target audience is a great way to increase sales through content marketing.

5. Make your content easy to understand

With a few caveats, it shouldn’t take a genius to read your content, and the way your article is written shouldn’t give your customer a headache. Make it easy to read using numbering, bullet points, short paragraphs, subheadings, pictures, and much more. Utilizing these can help you rank through search engines as well.

It’s not difficult to understand the rules of content marketing, and by getting a clear image of the golden rules of content marketing in your head, you can easily incorporate them into your website.

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