4 Amazing Content Marketing Concepts to Duplicate

Great Content Marketing Concepts to Duplicate in San Diego, CA

There are quite a few content marketing ideas floating around—and some of these ideas may sound absolutely amazing and full of potential. However, you may be wondering how you can replicate them yourself and make some of those awesome ideas work for you. The Internet marketing service providers at Saba SEO share four examples of content marketing ideas that work well along with some tips for replicating those ideas for your own marketing purposes.

1. Captivating Images and Photos

Threadless is a fashion brand that routinely uses creative photos to survey its customers. Volkswagen uses visual content to highlight its history. Bud Light engages its audience by routinely encouraging its fans to submit personal photos, which gives this big brand an appealing small-town feel. Replicate this particular idea by producing or curating visual content that’s in line with your brand’s image and tone, and don’t be afraid to use it in out-of-the-box ways.

2. Contagious Online Videos

How many times have you checked out "viral" videos? You don't need to spend a fortune to create contagious online videos. The Dallas Zoo got a lot of mileage from videos showing a gorilla splashing around in a kiddie pool. A simple and budget-pleasing way to replicate this idea is to look through your existing video content. Pay attention to anything that stands out—you might be able to use it in a creative way in relation to your brand.

3. Easily Digestible Infographics

Visually presenting information is a highly effective method for sharing relevant facts in a way that's easy to digest. Web security company Incapsula presented an infographic titled "Are You SLAcking Off?" to display the results of a survey on how an SaaS site’s availability compared to competitors’ sites. Make this idea an asset for your brand by compiling the data you want to present first. Next, look for key points you can visually display.

4. Super-Engaging Blog Posts

Kajabi is a company that offers online courses. The company effectively uses its blog posts to share stories about real people who have benefited from the available courses. J.Crew uses its blog to share behind-the-scenes stories to show the hard work that goes into creating this brand’s top-notch clothing selections. Replicate this idea by:

  • Checking your stats to find out which blog content matters most to your intended audience
  • Establishing goals for your blog posts (e.g., creating brand awareness, providing more in-depth product details, etc.)
  • Carrying a theme over from one post to another to give readers a reason to look forward to your new posts

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