How to Become a Better Content Marketer

Content Strategies for Businesses in San Diego, CA

If you’re going to be a successful content marketer, start by making some smart investments in yourself. Boost your odds of producing useful content and connecting with the right audience by implementing these simple tips suggested by San Diego SEM experts.

1. Find Your Voice

If there is one thing people don’t like reading, it’s any kind of disingenuous content.Readers can almost always tell when a content marketer is faking it, and finding your voice is key to bringing real passion to whatever you write—even if you aren’t super familiar with the topic.Your audience is more likely to connect with you if they sense your enthusiasm.

2. Make Connections

Reach out to others within your area(s) of expertise. Make connections by contributing to other blogs, seeking out influencers, or reaching out to editors within your niche.

3. Think Like an Editor

Take a look at your finished content from the perspective of an editor. Aside from paying attention to grammar and spelling, consider how your paragraphs flow and emphasize your points. If you find yourself rereading certain areas, consider a rewrite to improve clarity.

4. Listen to Your Audience

Take cues from the feedback you’re getting from your posted content. While not all comments will be constructive, those that are will give you an idea of what resonates with your desired audience–and you may even discover some topic ideas.

5. Research and Gather

Develop good research and fact-gathering habits. Even if you don’t use everything you find in your content, it never hurts to have easy access to additional info for follow-up or related articles.

6. Use Real-Life Experiences

You probably have more pearls of wisdom floating around in your head than you realize. Draw from real-life experiences when appropriate to add some personality to your content.

7. Learn from Your Stats

Take a cue from the stats you get from your website, blog, or social pages. Look at what content is generating the most comments and what’s being shared to get a better idea of where to focus your efforts.

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