Crucial Elements of Content Marketing During Coronavirus

Crucial Elements of Content Marketing During Coronavirus in San Diego, CA

The coronavirus has changed everything, including your business. Your customer base’s questions and needs are different. As a result, your content needs to address your audience during COVID-19. Here are some content marketing action items to implement, provided by Saba SEO, one of the most innovative SEO and digital marketing companies in San Diego.


You have an opportunity to show your customers you care, and it shouldn’t be with just a few words. It should be evident in your content. Determine how customers can benefit from using your products during this uncertain time. Don’t forget to share information on your safety precautions or the fact that you offer delivery services. Use the opportunity to create positive content to inspire your audience. People are dealing with a lot of uncertainty. Your content could inspire them to move forward despite the fear.


Perhaps you have a bit more time on your hands during COVID-19. Now is an ideal time to build up those extras you can offer, including e-books, white papers, and guides. You could publish case studies with evergreen content that keeps people returning to your site. These items help you establish your authority. Google rewards these actions, and your SEO ranking will improve.


Video may have been on your list for a long time, and now may be the most ideal time to start recording videos. You can build up a library of instructional videos and product comparisons, and you might even introduce customers to your main headquarters.

Email List

You may currently have an email list you haven’t done anything with yet. Email is a direct way to reach your customers. Check with your clients to see how they’re doing during this time. Do you have tips on how you’re positively coping with the quarantine? Share these tips and show your customers you care.

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