How to Create Images That Attract & Convince Your Target Niche

Creating Images to Attract Your Target Niche in San Diego, CA

More than half of all online searches are visual in nature. People tend to prefer images over text primarily because it’s easy to get a message across visually. You should take advantage of the new search trend and create images your target niche will find appealing. San Diego search engine marketing experts share a few tips on how to create striking images that can attract and convince your target niche.

Be Aware of Symbolism

While some images may seem to fit in with what you’re trying to convey, the underlying message may be different. For instance, if a marketing company were to use an image of people talking together in an office with text about having a personal approach to doing things, viewers may wonder what’s so personal about coworkers talking. However, an image of two people innocently kissing suggests something more intimate and personal. When choosing your images, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the image really delivering the intended message?
  • Is the image open to misinterpretation? (if the wrong inference is given with your image, it may do more harm than good for your brand)

Evoke Emotions with Your Images

Develop a better understanding of what motivates and inspires people within your target niche. Use this knowledge to choose images that will likely trigger an appropriate emotional response from your target niche. For instance, your target buyer may want to feel like he or she is making a smart investment, so choose images that suggest making a confident decision.

Emphasize an Experience, Not Just a Product

People are likely to notice a comfortable hammock stretched out in the middle of a tropical paradise or an athlete effortlessly running up a huge set of outdoor sets. Marketing content that includes particular images emphasizes an experience with a product, not just the product itself.

Be Persuasive with Graphs

Not everyone in your intended target niche is going to be motivated by emotion. Some people need to be persuaded with the right visual display of info associated with your brand. A Cornell University study found that even trivial graphs increase the belief in a product. Take advantage of this fact with your images by:

  • Conveying a few compelling stats in graph form
  • Using a highly visual graph that clearly illustrates a point without the need to actually read accompanying text (even though the right image can compel people to read your text)
  • Presenting “dry” stats or a lot of facts and figures that would otherwise be overwhelming for the viewer to go through

Tell a Story with Your Images

Your images shouldn’t be independent of your brand’s narrative. Personalize your images by choosing ones that fit in with the story you want to tell your target niche. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your images. Just take some time to consider what the images you’re selecting are actually saying in relation to your brand.

Avoid the temptation to mix random stock photos or images in with your text. Instead, think about the message being conveyed with the visual elements of your content. The right images can literally be worth thousands of words in terms of the message you’re delivering to your target niche. Once you find the right blend of text and images, your message is also likely to be remembered longer since people tend to recall meaningful images better than text alone.

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