How to Create Awesome High-Converting PPC Landing Pages

Making User Friendly PPC Landing Pages

If you’re running an AdWords campaign, you’re directing your ads to your website, or even better, a landing page. Today, our experienced San Diego pay-per-click (PPC) managers will share why they prefer using a landing page for AdWords traffic and how to create a page that draws your perspective clients in and entices them to contact you.

What is a PPC Landing Page?

When your ad displays in Google search results and a user clicks on your ad, they are taken to a page. When this page is not part of your website (like the home page or a services page), it is called a landing page. Landing pages are crafted to provide specific information about the product or service being solicited in your ad as opposed to directing a user to your general website.

For instance, at Saba SEO, we work with a company that sells flooring for homes and commercial spaces. If we were running an ad that was advertising hardwood floors, we would want the ad go to a page about hardwood floors as opposed to the home page of our client’s website so that it provides the searcher with the most relevant information.

Determine Your Target Audience

After you’ve reviewed your ad copy, it’s important to think about your target audience. Think about what is most important to them and make sure your landing page has information that is relevant to their search. Keep in mind that searchers expect to find information quickly. Organize the content with easy to identify headers and bullet points so key pieces of information can be found quickly. You have only a matter of seconds to convince your user that the page is relevant to their goals for them to take action.

Components of User-Friendly Landing Pages

All landing pages should have a call-to-action to persuade the searcher to reach out, whether by calling, filling out a form, downloading a white paper, or signing up for a newsletter. Call-to-actions should be easy to see and many experts recommend putting call-to-actions above the fold, meaning the user will not have to scroll down the page in order to connect with the company. Great, high-converting landing pages should also have:

  • A compelling title that addresses the user’s need
  • Simple and concise language
  • Benefits about the product or service (before features)
  • Confident guarantees
  • Proof such as testimonials
  • Organized design

Your landing page should also load quickly. Anything more than a few seconds can cause a searcher to hit the back button and visit a competitor’s website. You’ll also want to add conversion codes and tracking from Google Analytics to your landing page so you can get an overall picture of how users are interacting with your landing page. If you find that conversions are still low, test other verbiage and content and see if you find better success.

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