How to Create Pillar Content to Boost Your Google Ranking

Creating Pillar Content to Enhance Ranking in San Diego, CA

Pillar content, which is essential for top ranking on Google, is the main theme or perhaps a broad topic, like a hub or the center of a flower. With pillar content, you have created a resource page for readers. The result is authority on the subject and improved Google ranking. Google likes it when links correspond like a cobweb and your content is all interrelated. Here is a beginner’s guide to creating pillar content for Google, brought to you by the experienced marketing experts at Saba SEO, the team to call on for advice about Internet marketing service strategies and how to maximize content for Google ranking.

Determine Your Main Topic

Determining your head term is key. The head term is the main topic that your core topic and cluster content will encompass—the general idea. Searching keywords on Google can help you identify a general topic. General topics will have just under 3,000 Google searches per month. A free browser like Keywords Everywhere can help you identify your broad main topic and the potential cluster topics.

Define Your Core Topic

The core topic is the center of the flower that relates to all of the cluster topics. Think of it as a hub that will have links to the cluster topics.

Come Up with Cluster Topics

The cluster topics are the detailed petals of the flower. All of these topics relate to and link to the core topic. Search for keywords you want to rank with and create this content. This is also the time to redefine your core topic if it isn’t broad enough.

Create the Pillar Page

The pillar page is a sort of table of contents for your main topic. You’ll have an introduction and hyperlinks to all of the cluster content. Most of all, this is an interesting and informative stand-alone page that demonstrates your authority on these keywords, and the content is rich.

Create a Downloadable Resource

A downloadable resource such as an eBook or a guide to your specialized topic is a way to attract new readers to your site and establish authority. Where are you getting this content from? This is the information you created in your pillar content. You’ve created the definitive resource, and now readers have something to download and share. Best of all, Google will reward you with a higher ranking.

When you’re planning your strategy for ranking high in Google searches, content is key. Start with high-quality pillar content, and everything will flow from there. Whether they need fully optimized SEO content or help with customized web design, San Diego businesses call on the experts at Saba SEO. With more than ten years of professional experience in web development and search engine optimization, our team can help you create unique content with high-ranking keywords that will boost your online visibility and conversion rates. To talk to one of our SEO experts, call us today at 858-277-1717.