How to Create Effective Ads on Pinterest

Creating Effective Ads on Pinterest in San Diego, CA

With more than 150 million users and counting, Pinterest is a powerful platform that should be utilized by all businesses. As a forefront of visual mediums, Pinterest makes it easy for users to find, save, and further pursue the topics that are relevant to them. With over 75 percent of the Pins on Pinterest being saved from business websites, targeting potential customers on this platform can redirect traffic to your site. Experts at a leading San Diego web development company share a few tips on how to target Pinterest users with the help of ads.

Use Keywords That Speak to Your Audience

Including relevant buzzwords in your caption and photo description can help the Pinterest algorithm connect you with your ideal demographic. Avoid hashtags and add keywords naturally into your caption. Once your Pin has been advertised for some time, investigate your engagement insights to see which keywords in your feed are getting the most interaction and traffic and adjust accordingly.

Get Creative

When using a visual platform like Pinterest, it’s important to aim for quality over quantity. Figure out what kind of experience your audience is interested in seeing. Translate your findings into eye-catching imagery that will grab your audience’s attention and trigger their curiosity.

Include a Call to Action

For your advertisements to be successful, it’s likely you’ll want a user to continue onto your website after viewing your Promoted Pin. Encourage the second step by including a call to action in your caption, such as “sign up for our newsletters to get 10 percent off your first purchase.”

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