Build a Business Culture, Build a Committed Team

Together Everyone Achieves More!

A small business is not just a “small business”. Any creative enterprise, whether a start-up, non-profit, or a boutique San Diego SEO company, is an inspired personal vision that becomes a shared vision. A shared story.

The things we consider little, like a dress code (or lack thereof) and Friday morning bagels, are the building blocks of a business culture that can either retain engaged, productive employees, or quickly turn over disgruntled talent. When it comes down to it, there are really only two essential things to laying the foundation of a great workplace culture.

Embrace Transparency and Define Values

A leader’s values and choices, perhaps as much as choices of business strategy, influence team choices about how to attract clients, which clients to accept, and how to treat those clients when they sign on. Ideas like these tell team members what is expected, and inspire them to be at their best. Those little things remind your team and your clients what you believe and why.

Inspire and Reward Employees

Competition for clients also means competition for talent. Go lean, but don’t go cheap. When creating a small business culture, think intimate, not small. Attract people who believe what you believe, and take care of them. A team needs a leader who will allow them to reap the benefits of success before you do. If you do that, they will be enthusiastic to share those benefits with you. And they will be inspired to do more. And still more.

If you create an environment that is about purpose and positive impact, you won’t need a time clock, an in-and-out board, or a meeting schedule. You will have created an organization of committed leaders and team members who will bring competence and joy to the workplace every day.

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