Conversion Rate Optimization Tools Coming to AdWords with New Integrations

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools with New Integrations Coming to AdWords in San Diego, CA

The target audience’s reaction to online content tends to be unpredictable, which is why it makes sense to test different versions of what’s presented before investing in AdWords campaigns. Now, you can run a landing page test with Google Optimize to receive valuable feedback by retargeting audiences with Google Surveys 360, an enterprise-level survey product that’s a paid version of Google Surveys. San Diego AdWords specialists share their observations on this latest development in PPC marketing.

Campaign-Specific Landing Page Testing

The new conversion rate optimization tools can be used by advertisers to present landing pages that are tailored to specific AdWords campaigns. Typically, the highest converting webpages are ones with landing pages that effectively reach the target audience. Possible applications of these new tools and integrations include:

  • Comparing conversion rates with various keywords or phrases on a page
  • Getting more return on your investment with paid ad groups by testing ads with shared keywords prior to a full ad launch
  • Testing the same text with different images to see what converts better

No Need for Developer Resources

Some advertisers are hesitant to use tools or products that require HTML editing or the use of developer resources. The new tools and integrations take that barrier away with drag-and-drop features and allow users to easily transfer various page elements to a visual editor.

Testing Based on Survey 360 Results

Another possible use for the new optimization tools is to perform tests based on results from Google Surveys 360. The analytics can be used to survey consumers on remarketing lists to determine why they reacted the way they did to different landing pages, ads, and other digital marketing efforts.

Google has other useful tools that can be used for A/B testing. For instance, the free version of Google Optimize allows you to compare content to test reactions and integrate data with Google Analytics. The paid version, Optimize 360, gives you added features like Google Analytics audience targeting and instant access to support. On a related note, a landing page report section will be added to the new AdWords interface soon.

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