How Customer Reviews Bolster SEO Efforts

How Customer Reviews Can Bring In Business

If you own a business, a large portion of your internet marketing efforts are probably centered around local SEO. While listings, schema, and other matters are all very important for local SEO, customer reviews can be beneficial for improving your search engine rank and drawing in offline sales.

Better Rankings for Company or Product Name + Review

One study found nearly 85% of consumers read online reviews prior to purchasing products or services from a business. Ultimately, this leads to more searches for a business or product name plus the word “review” and an increased ranking on Google for those keywords.

Opportunities for Backlinks

If someone is rating your business on a blog or business review website, they will likely link back to your site to show their readers exactly what they are referring to and drive traffic to your site. Google’s algorithms will also recognize the increased amount of backlinks and may improve your search engine rank.

More Visibility on Google Maps and Mobile Searches

If you have claimed your Google business listing and have reviews, your business will be visible to users of Google Maps if they are near you. This can contribute to offline sales if your business has a physical location. The quality of these reviews also matters. The relevant business with the highest rating will appear first in a Google Maps search. This also applies to searches made on mobile devices with Google Now.

Increased Conversions

Although reviews can help improve your rank on Google, ultimately reviews will help your business increase the number of conversions made. Reviewers are more inclined to trust peer reviews, and also use reviews as a place to find answers to questions or additional product info not on the website. The extra information and varied opinions nudge people towards making a decision if they were previously on the fence.

Reviews can certainly help your business grow, but if you need help with other online marketing initiatives, reach out to Saba, Inc and learn more about our SEM for San Diego businesses. Give us a call at (858) 277-1717 today!