Users Rely More and More on Mobile Phones for Search

Users Rely Heavily on Smarphones for Search

Since the emergence of smart phones, the Internet is constantly available at any moment as long as one has their phone close by. Due to this convenience, people are relying heavily on their smart phones for web searches. According to comScore’s 2014 report, 53% of the total time spent on the Internet comes from mobile phones and tablets. Additionally, the Harvard Business Review explains that 31% of mobile Internet users have stated that their mobile devices are their primary access to the web.

For businesses, marketing agencies, and San Diego SEO companies, these statistics emphasize the importance of having mobile-friendly websites, ensuring that customers can be reached on their schedule, which is often on the go. In fact, reports further indicate that 42% of users relied solely on their mobile devices for researching their purchase, and 55% of mobile shoppers actually go through to make a purchase. This tells us that without mobile-friendly websites, businesses are eliminating nearly 50% of their market. Mobile-friendly or responsive websites are becoming a necessity, rather than simply a convenience.

According to many marketing experts, mobile websites are the best option for businesses due to their immediacy, compatibility, broad reach, and ability to be shared. Most importantly, mobile websites are often easier to create than mobile apps. However, the mobile app market is growing and in many cases, can supplement a great online website, helping to increase brand and customer loyalty. Click here for more information about mobile app development in San Diego.

But don’t think that mobile websites can only impact a customer who is looking to make a purchase from the home or office. According to a recent study by, 33% of shoppers would rather rely on searching their smartphone for help rather than ask a sales associate in store. This means that businesses who do a majority of their sales in-store can still benefit from upgrading their website to a mobile friendly or responsive website template.

Searching from a mobile device also has another benefit for businesses. Generally, mobile devices use location services to optimize search results even further. Marketing can now be location-based, providing even better search results for users. This targeted marketing approach increases the quality of leads, and can thus play a role in increasing sales.

The implications of customers becoming more reliant on their mobile devices for searches are clear. Without adapting to the mobile world, businesses are drastically limiting their market and giving a competitive edge to their competitors. If you would like to learn how to make your website mobile friendly, reach out to Saba, Inc. We are an online marketing company that specializes in SEO, PPC and web development in San Diego. With the help of our online marketing experts, you can reach your targeted audience, drive traffic and increase sales.

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