Should You Change the Publish Dates of Posts for SEO?

Why Should You Change the Publish Dates of Posts for SEO? in San Diego, CA

When users look for articles, they’ll search for the most recent information. What if you have an evergreen piece that’s still relevant and informative? Can you just change the article date to improve your SEO? How can you make your content’s SEO more recent? Here’s some sage advice from the San Diego SEO experts at Saba SEO.

Update Your Content

You may have created excellent content a few years ago. The information is still relevant, but the Google bots aren’t ranking it so high anymore. That’s because the date is older. This is when you need to go into your content and update it. Updating your content isn’t the same as changing your date. Updating your current content means you’re adding newer quotes within the content you’ve already published. You can also add current sources of information. That information will be recently published. This demonstrates to Google that this piece of information is still relevant. You’ve updated the information to remain current.

Make Live Updates

Keep content fresh with live updates. Create an ultimate page that continues to update and share information on a keyword topic. This page gives a historical reference. Any user who is new to this page has the ability to read on and get all of the information. As Google is creating the ultimate knowledge base, this page can become a golden piece of evergreen content that can be linked to and referred to again and again. Because so many will check it out and refer to this page, you’ll achieve some key link building. You’ll also keep visitors on your site for a longer time.

Redirect for Ultimate Page

Perhaps you have several pages that can all be combined into an ultimate guide or article. You can redirect those original pages to a new and improved page. This page will include information from all of your old articles. Make sure to include some new information to show how it’s currently relevant.

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