Building the Best Content Marketing Strategy for SEO Growth

Marketing Strategy for Content in San Diego, CA

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest the right content can have a big impact on SEO, but what’s the difference between a strategy focused on ranking well and one centered on producing the right content? The answer lies in the nature of the relationship you develop with your audience. When you build positive relationships with your viewers, you’re more likely to encourage ongoing engagement and boost your online visibility on search engines. Experts at a leading SEO company in San Diego share a few tips on building the right content marketing strategy for SEO growth.

Identify Your Content’s Purpose

An effective content strategy has a specific purpose. For businesses like restaurants and auto body repair shops, the goal of online content is to encourage visits to a physical location. With e-commerce businesses, the objective is usually to boost website visits and conversions. Whatever your goals are, clearly establish them early on and keep them in mind when producing content.

Figure Out Your Customers’ Main Concerns

Searchers looking for certain businesses or specific products and services usually have some problems they need to solve. Try to figure out what concerns are commonly experienced by your intended audience.

For service-oriented businesses like contractors and plumbers, customers primarily want someone who can get the job done right without costing them a fortune. In this instance, content would emphasize things like quality of work, affordability, and expertise. Gather information about your customers’ concerns by:

  • Checking out what people are talking about on your social pages
  • Including simple online surveys with very specific questions on your site or as part of your email campaigns
  • Making it easy for your customers to leave reviews and feedback so you’ll always know their top priorities and concerns

Emphasize Your Area of Expertise

You can’t be everything to everyone. However, you can use online content to promote your specific areas of expertise. For a local concrete contractor, a specialist skill may be creating detailed designs with stamped concrete. Blogs are especially effective for highlighting unique skills and abilities.

Pick Your Content Topics

Go beyond selling with your content and address topics that matter most to your intended audience. Figuring out topics is a process that may involve:

  • Arranging weekly brainstorming sessions
  • Testing blogs or social posts on various topics to see what resonates with your audience
  • Exploring trending topics within your industry or niche

Research Your Keywords

Once your content has a purpose, it’s easy to research keywords. Pay particular attention to long-tail keywords and question-based phrases since these are the types of searches most people do these days. There are plenty of free tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, Google Correlate, and Keyword In that you can use to search for keyword trends based on topics.

Establish a Schedule and Set Up an Editorial Calendar

Determine how much content you’ll need for your audience by setting up a schedule for things like posts and ads. Experiment with different content delivery schedules to figure out what’s likely to work best for you. Adding an editorial calendar to the mix can help you spread out your content effectively across different media (e.g. email newsletters, social media, and your own blog posts.)

Measure the Right Metrics

Use your established goals to set up your Google Analytics reports and track the metrics you want to keep an eye on, such as visits to your website, conversions, or online contacts that lead to in-person business visits. Tracking your stats will also let you know which pieces of content are most effective for your business and which content needs some adjusting.

Finally, remain consistent with the messages in your content. Maintaining consistency can help your content creators stay on the same page. A consistent message makes it easier for searchers to form a connection with your brand, which also helps with relationship building and SEO growth.

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