How Is Google’s Video Ranking Different from YouTube’s?

How to Rank in YouTube or Google's Video in San Diego, CA

During your online searches, you may have noticed that Google ranks videos differently than YouTube. If you enter a search query into Google, you’ll come across an entirely different set of video results than if you enter the same search into YouTube. According to a Stone Temple Consulting report, video rankings vary between Google and YouTube about 57 percent of the time. Experts at a leading San Diego SEO firm discuss key features of the report.

Researchers at Stone Temple Consulting discovered that in queries that return multiple videos, the first videos listed on Google and on YouTube don’t match 64.8 percent of the time. In queries that return just one video on Google, the Google video doesn’t match the top YouTube result 52.7 percent of the time.

Eric Enge, CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, suggests Google and YouTube show different search results because the two sites have different goals and KPIs. Google’s primary goal is to find helpful, informational, and relevant content for users. YouTube, on the other hand, mostly tries to entertain viewers. The two sites also have different requirements and priorities for video optimization.

YouTube places emphasis on user engagement. They consider how long a user watches a video, whether or not the viewer watches another video, how many views a video has, how many times a video has been shared, and how many subscribers a channel has. To optimize videos for YouTube, creators should make a compelling and engaging video with relevant tags and a detailed video description.

Because Google focuses more on information than on entertainment, they prioritize informational videos, tutorials, and how-to videos. Like YouTube, keywords, titles, and descriptions are also important for optimization.

Although Google and YouTube have different systems for ranking videos, businesses should try to optimize their videos for both platforms. When making a video production strategy, consider the algorithms for both sites.

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