Searching for Brands vs. Using the Search Engine

Brand VS Search Engine in San Diego, CA

The motives behind searching for a particular brand online are different from what someone has in mind when doing a “regular” search. There are equally different expectations for the search results likely to be delivered. The staff at Saba SEO, a San Diego SEO company, helps businesses effectively present their brand, products, and services online. Here are a few ways searching for brand is different from using the search engine.

Search Motives

People searching for products and services are likely to be in the early stages of making a purchase decision. Therefore, they may be concerned about features like price and whether or not they can save an extra 10 percent with a coupon code. However, people searching by brand are likely not just looking for a deal. They’re more likely ready to make a decision because they already know they want something specific from your business.

Detached vs. Personal

Even if familiar brands show up in general search results, someone not looking for a particular brand is likely to be open to other brands. Brand searches tend to be personal. People feel connected to a brand because they believe that particular company shares their values or has certain desirable qualities.

High Potential for Engagement

People searching for brands can be receptive to the content beyond your website, since they may be looking for fresh, relevant content related to your brand. There’s a high potential for engagement with your social media pages, video posts, and blog posts.

Although you can’t control whether people search for your products or services online or actively seek your brand, the search engine marketing specialists at Saba SEO can boost your brand’s online visibility. From high-quality content creation to effective social media management, we use a variety of tools to create a tailored online marketing plan for your business. If you’re looking for new ways to increase online engagement or to manage your brand effectively, give us a call at 858-951-1717.