Tips for Adapting Digital Marketing During Uncertain Times

Ways for Adapting Digital Marketing During Uncertain Times in San Diego, CA

The global pandemic that’s demanding attention today is having a big impact on digital marketing. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to stop your marketing efforts. What it does mean is you need to refocus so you can leverage digital marketing in a way that’s sensible and effective. The experts from Saba SEO, specialists in Internet marketing San Diego businesses have relied on for almost fifteen years, talk about how to do this.

Know How Your Audience’s Search Behavior Has Changed

Use resources like Google Analytics to determine how your target audience is interacting with you now so you can make adjustments to your digital strategy. Online listening tools can further help you determine the topics your audience is concerned about most during these uncertain times.

Leverage Your Digital Channels

The most immediate way to gauge shifts in behavior and trends is to check out what’s going on with your various digital channels. Be especially mindful of communication, engagement, and content relevance. Many top brands are effectively leveraging their digital channels during this pandemic by:

• Addressing immediate pandemic-related concerns across all channels
• Actively responding to posted comments and concerns as much as possible
• Providing balance by presenting relevant content unrelated to coronavirus 

Reprioritize Campaign Budgets

How you spread your budget across various digital platforms is still important. What’s different is the ability of certain campaigns to produce the desired results right now. As for how to continue to get results with paid digital in a way that’s good for your bottom line, do some testing and make adjustments related to:

• Digital ad copy
• Keyword selection
• Click-through and conversion rate changes

Finally, with more people staying at home and connecting digitally, now is a good time to experiment with digital technology. For instance, you might look at your digital infrastructure to determine if things like video conferencing, virtual events, live chat features, and underutilized social media features can fit into your digital marketing plan and help you achieve your overall marketing goals.

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