Why You Shouldn’t Overlook the Importance of Display URLs in PPC Ads

Why Not to Overlook the Importance of Displauy URLs in PPC Ads in San Diego, CA

Display URLs are quite similar to vanity plates. These URLs are not active links, but they do give searchers a better idea of where they will be directed to after they click one of your PPC ads. However, the potential power of display URLs is often overlooked in order to pay more attention to the content of the ads. Experts at a leading San Diego SEM company share a few reasons you should pay equal attention to your display URLs when creating your PPC ads.

Searchers Pay Attention to Display URLs

A study involving 30 searchers suggests that a lot of attention is paid to display URLs. Participants in the study spent more time glancing at display URLs then actual text descriptions (0.53 seconds versus 0.15 seconds, respectively). Headlines and display URLs received equal glance time. Additional takeaways from the study:

  • Display URLs of ads on the left attracted more attention
  • Length of time looking at display URLs depended on the position of ads
  • Display URLs at the bottom of ads got the least attention

Descriptive Keywords in Display URLs May Minimize CTRs

Another test was done with ads with only the domain name, those with a keyword added prior to the domain name, and those with a keyword added after the domain name. Results showed that URLs with just the domain name performed best and domains with added keywords had decreased CTRs. The problem is that an added keyword may negatively affect branding value if the domain name is too cluttered.

Domain Names in Display URLs Can Have a Positive Impact on PPC Ads

Keywords may not work well in display URLs with domain names. However, the domain name featured in a display URL can have a positive effect, especially if you’ve done a good job with your branding efforts and searchers recognize your brand’s name. Seeing a recognizable brand name in a display URL may convince searchers to click the related ads.

Display URLs should be tested if you’re going to optimize them to give searchers an added incentive to click to your landing page. Your brand value may take a slight hit during the testing process, but there’s the potential to enjoy long-term benefits if you find the right combination of ad copy and optimized display URLs.

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