Study Shows Featured Snippets Are Dominating Search Results Pages

Impact of Featured Snippets on SEO in San Diego, CA

Roughly 30 percent of Google search results now have featured snippets, as reported in a study published by a consulting firm. The research confirms that people pay more attention to the results displayed at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). The findings are also significant because featured snippets are often used to provide answers to voice search requests. The digital marketers at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego SEO company, discuss the impact of snippets on search engine ranking.

Featured Snippets Are on the Rise

Based on an assessment of over a million queries, the study showed that half of these searches returned results that included either a featured snippet or a similar type of response. It’s not so coincidental that more people are using voice search features, which often produce results based on snippets. In fact, Google Home and Android device voice search results only come from featured snippets.

Snippets vs. Featured Snippets

“Snippets” are simply the descriptions included with search results, and featured snippets are the descriptions Google prominently displays. However, they’re not entirely unrelated. The study showed that nearly 90 percent of the 601 featured snippets reviewed were identical to the related “regular” snippets. The remaining snippets had differences that included being:

• A partial match to the regular snippet
• In table form
• A shortened or truncated version of the regular snippet
• An enhancement of the regular snippet
• A mix of two-page sentences
• A composite of meta and other content

Why Featured Snippets Matter

Featured snippets are significant because they show Google considers the content in these blurbs of information to be high quality and in line with the searcher’s intent. Having your content displayed in featured snippets can:

• Boost click-through rates (CTRs)
• Increase organic visibility on SERPs
• Raise website traffic
• Enhance business/brand credibility

Landing a prime featured snippet spot is an effective way to boost online visibility and gain an edge over competitors. You can increase your odds of ranking in position zero by researching your competitors snippets, including relevant bullet lists in your content, using keyword phrases that answer common search questions, and keeping your snippet content as concise as possible.

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