Do You Really Need an SEO Consultant? (or Can You Do It Yourself)?

SEO Team in San Diego, CA

In many ways, Search engine optimization certainly seems easy enough. Site owners simply need to register their URLs, target the right keywords, generate and publish high-quality content, build a few organic, inbound links, and wait for things to happen. However, SEO is an incredibly involved process. Moreover, it’s an ongoing effort with requirements that are constantly changing. Following are just a few of the many reasons why you should seriously consider outsourcing this task to a qualified SEO consultant.

RankBrain Has Changed Everything

Google’s artificial intelligence system RankBrain may not have assumed the entire responsibilities of the Google algorithm, it is among the top 3 factors that determine how sites rank. Conceptually, it’s easy to perceive RankBrain as a software with limited, humanlike abilities. However, this AI is designed to constantly increase its capabilities through exposure, which means every time someone uses Google to run a search, RankBrain learns something new and becomes more proficient in organizing search results according to human needs and preferences. RankBrain has changed the SEO game entirely, and it will take knowledgeable and seasoned SEO professionals to devise campaigns that continue to bode well for businesses well into the future.

Black Hat SEO Is Soon to Be Gone Forever

A lot of business owners think black hat SEO techniques are glaringly obvious and easy to avoid. In reality, the definition of black hat SEO is always evolving in relation to Google, Bing, and Yahoo’s increasing commitment to providing quality results. Now that AI technologies are a part the algorithms for determining the order of search engine results pages (SERPs), black hat tactics like scrapping and rewriting content, purchasing social media likes, and solely using web directories to build link profiles are becoming easier to spot and penalize. There’s simply no tricking the system now. Though today’s SEO campaigns can certainly have automated components, smart SEO consultants are diligently integrating these with a much more hands-on approach. The process of optimizing for search engines is therefore becoming a more time-consuming effort, and one that requires individualized and integrated solutions for each website.

You Need Efficient Tracking to Control Your Spending and Calculate Your Returns

Tracking is a vital reason to hire a trusted SEO firm in San Diego County. Without it, you’ll never know just how much money you’re spending or what your cash is doing for you. In fact, many business owners who opt to tackle this process on their own end up spending way more than they mean to and never have a clear understanding of which investments are bringing them closer to their goals.

Good SEO Always Entails Proactive Reputation Management

Reputation management is a critical part of the search engine optimization process. With more online attention, there is always an increased risk of reputation damage. SEO professionals implement several proven tactics for bolstering brands against unwarranted attacks, which allows businesses to preserve their hard-won commercial images by positioning themselves as industry experts and actively building trust across their markets.

SEO Has an Important Technical Component

Unless you’re a technical expert, you’ll definitely need to hire a professional web development company in San Diego. One large part of optimizing a site is making sure it’s coded properly, easy to navigate, and capable of loading quickly. You also have to ensure your web pages are visible and accessible on a broad range of devices, no matter how large or small their screen sizes may be.

You’ll Need One Full-Time, In-House IT Person to Handle It All

In addition to developing a good website, sourcing or writing quality content, building links, and finding the best keywords to target, you’ll also have to keep all of your social networking profiles up to date with timely and insightful posts, track and respond to customer reviews, and constantly refine your campaigns based on your known spending and the results your investments are supplying. The demands are virtually guaranteed to become more complex and stringent as learning machines like RankBrain assume greater control in determining which sites rank well and which do not. In fact, you’ll need to have at least one full-time, in-house IT person to head these efforts up if you don’t outsource. There’s simply no way for small business owners to juggle it all and still stay on top of their normal operations. If you want to practice good SEO that succeeds in driving your website to the top of SERPs, hiring a seasoned consultant is the most cost-effective decision.

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