Does Google AdWords Affect Organic Results?

Does Google AdWords Impact Organic Results? in San Diego, CA

Although buying ads won’t directly affect your organic search rankings, it’s possible for Google AdWords to have an indirect impact on how your site ranks organically. Before investing in Google advertising in San Diego or another city, take a look at some of the ways paid ads may affect your organic results.

Searchers May Click an Organic Result After Seeing an Ad

Several studies have shown that searchers who view ads are more likely to click organic results for that business. It also works the opposite way. If someone sees an organic result and an ad for your business, they are more likely to click on the ad. Seeing both an ad and an organic result creates a bias that causes many searchers to click when they wouldn’t otherwise. Even if searchers don’t click on your paid ad, the presence of your ad may increase the likelihood that they’ll click on your organic result.

Visitors May Be More Likely to Convert After Viewing an Ad

Searchers are likely to click on your organic result, as well as engage with your content and become customers. Higher click-through and engagement rates can boost your organic rankings. Because they’ve seen your paid ad before, they have a stronger brand association than if they’d just seen the organic result.

Ad Clicks Can Lead to Links and Mentions That Improve Organic Rankings

When someone clicks on your paid ad and views your site, he or she might choose to link to it or mention it on his or her own site or on social media. The more links and mentions you have, the better your organic ranking will be, especially if your site provides a compelling user experience or has helpful content.

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