7 Mistakes to Avoid with Google Ads

Google Ads Mistakes You Should Not Make in San Diego, CA

Utilizing Google Ads is a great way to begin bringing people to your website. However, it’s incredibly important that business owners understand the process before diving into Google Ads. The experts at Saba SEO, a renowned San Diego web design and digital marketing company, suggest seven Google Ads mistakes you should avoid making.

1. Making Your Audience Too Broad

Reaching the entire country and even the world may be your goal, but going too broad can actually cost you more and lead to fewer visitors to your website.

2. Not Using the Right Keywords

Keywords are what Google uses to bring customers to your website. However, if you’re not inputting the right keywords that correspond to your business, you may end up throwing away money.

3. Not Testing Your Ads

Running ads can become very expensive within a short amount of time. That’s why you want to ensure you’re paying for ads that will bring you results, which begins by testing your ads before fully committing.

4. Not Understanding Your CLV

Knowing your CLV, or customer lifetime value, is incredibly important in determining who you should target. This is because you want to bring in customers who are going to provide you with the most repeat business for as long as possible.

5. Not Inputting Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are those words you don’t want Google to associate with you. For example, if you’re selling a product that’s for cars only, adding trucks into the mix may not work. You want these negative words added because it removes customers who aren’t going to buy from you.

6. Not Taking Profit Margins into Consideration

Much like owners of brick-and-mortar stores, you need to figure out the profit margin with your Google Ads. This means understanding how much it will cost to bring in a customer compared to how much you’re going to make from the customer’s purchase.

7. Writing Bad Ads

Google Ads only allows a certain amount of characters, which means you need to create ads that both sell to customers and inform them about your product or service. Creating poorly written ads and simply hoping someone will click on the link isn’t going to work.

If you need help optimizing the way you use Google Ads, reach out to Saba SEO. From searching for the right keywords to designing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we offer a variety of services to help businesses boost their online visibility. For more than fifteen years, our experts have helped organizations all over the world expand their outreach and acquire more leads by utilizing a variety of effective and targeted digital marketing tactics. To talk to one of our experts on Internet marketing and SEO, San Diego companies should give us a call today.