7 Important E-Commerce Trends to Watch in 2022

It’s estimated there are anywhere from 12 to 24 million e-commerce websites in the world today, a number that’s continuing to increase. What’s more, it’s predicted e-retail revenue will soon spike to nearly $7 trillion. Since the e-commerce world is always evolving and changing, now is the time to pay attention to seven trends related to e-commerce you can’t ignore in 2022, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO, a leading digital marketing and web design company in San Diego.

1. Multichannel Shopping Opportunities

If someone finds your e-commerce site on a desktop PC during his or her lunch break at work, he or she may actually complete a purchase via his or her mobile phone later at home. This is an example of why it’s increasingly important to make your e-commerce website accessible and usable with multiple channels. In fact, a Harvard Business Review survey found more than 70 percent of respondents reported using multiple channels to complete their shopping experiences.

2. Optimization for Voice

Shoppers are increasingly using voice recognition technology to conveniently make purchases. For this reason, optimizing your e-commerce site for voice search is another one of the top e-commerce trends you shouldn’t ignore. This is something you can do by:

• Adding new skills on voice assistant devices like Alexa
• Offering voice-based navigation
• Using conversational long-tail keywords and phrases

3. Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality

AI and AR are forms of technology that allow products to be displayed in a more personalized and detailed way. It’s an e-commerce trend worth embracing in 2022 because it decreases return rates and increases customer satisfaction.

4. Dynamic Pricing

This is the act of using dynamic pricing software to determine current market trends and rates to ensure your e-commerce products are priced competitively. What this approach to pricing does is encourage buying based on prices shoppers are likely to be willing to pay based on current demand and other factors.

5. Mobile Shopping

One survey found 30 percent of shoppers are likely to abandon a purchase if the site isn’t mobile-friendly. While making purchases via mobile devices isn’t a new trend, it’s one that will become even more dominant in 2022. Prepare your e-commerce site for mobile shoppers by:

• Leaving enough room around buttons for tapping
• Creating a smooth, convenient checkout process
• Having zoom options and other features that allow for easy viewing

6. High-Quality Visuals

Humans are visual creatures, which is important to understand when you’re trying to influence purchasing decisions. Many e-commerce sites are already shifting to a greater focus on high-quality visuals to attract attention and encourage purchases. Make your site more visually appealing by:

• Improving image quality and load speeds
• Using 360-degree videos and images for your top-selling products
• Investing in ads on visual-oriented platforms like Pinterest and Instagram

7. Crypto Payments

With cryptocurrency continuing to gain momentum, some e-tailers are already accepting Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency as payment. While this is still fairly rare, it’s beneficial to at least be open to accepting newer forms of payment in 2022.

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