Impact of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on SEO

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When it comes to mobile phones, speed matters. Mobile phone users have several things to tap, scroll, and press, and they may not have a lot of patience for content that’s slow to load. This is where accelerated mobile pages (AMP) come in. AMP is an open-source protocol that allows web pages to load instantaneously on mobile devices. Experts at a reputed San Diego SEO agency discuss how AMPs can impact your SEO efforts.

Creating a Better User Experience

Google cares about two things: relevance with content and the user experience. AMPs can create a consistent user experience by increasing page load time without solely depending on the reliability of the user’s browser. With accelerated mobile pages, you can standardize a mobile version of your website and create a better user experience.

Boosting Access to Content-Rich Pages

AMPs shouldn’t be universally applied to all pages. For instance, landing pages may be negatively affected in stripped-down mode. In addition, landing page content can be optimized for search engines in other, more effective ways. AMPs are better suited for current news sections of websites or blog pages that are regularly loaded with fresh content and need to be loaded quickly.

Easier Access to Social Platform Content

Posting actual articles on Facebook and providing access to such content on Twitter can be a good strategy when it comes to generating more interest. However, this approach works as long as the content can load fairly quickly from mobile devices. Google considers such content to be relevant, so getting people to actually read and share it can boost your SEO results.

With Google’s recent shift toward mobile rankings, it makes perfect sense that AMPs can have a noticeable effect on online visibility. Increasing page load times also reduces bounce rates, which is another important ranking factor.

With a team of dedicated mobile SEO professionals, Saba SEO can help you create content that is easily accessible and boosts your conversion rates. By utilizing AMPs and other SEO techniques, we help businesses create a better user experience for the nearly 5 billion mobile device users out there. Call us at 858-951-1717 today to schedule an appointment.