A Fresh Perspective on SEO for B2B Companies

A New Perspective on SEO for B2B Companies in San Diego, CA

Keywords will always have a place in SEO in one form or another. However, getting the most out of your business-to-business engagement efforts online involves more than just focusing on your keywords. To increase your website traffic, you may need a fresh perspective on what SEO for B2B organizations entails. San Diego search engine optimization experts share a few SEO tips for B2B companies.

Have a Broad Online Presence

To see why this matters take a look at what comes up for your business on search engine results pages. It’s not just going to be the link to your website anymore. It’s also going to show everything that is online about your business. This makes it important to have a broad presence online that includes:

  • Organic and paid search efforts
  • Social media interactions
  • Blog content
  • Mentions on relevant websites other than yours
  • Online reviews and comments

Pay Attention to Your Online Reputation

Reviews, in particular, are a reflection on your brand’s reputation and a lot of B2B buyers pay attention to them. It is estimated that 60 percent of buyers go to third-party review sites before directly interacting with a business. Potential B2B buyers are more likely to click to your site if it looks like it will be a good return on their investment.

Look at the Big Picture with Digital Strategies

A lot of businesses get into the habit of having a PPC strategy that’s independent of other online engagement efforts. This plan isn’t going to work today because there is so much data out there about how people engage with your business online. Not being fully aware of how your brand is perceived online means you could be:

  • Missing potential opportunities for engagement
  • Not fully meeting the expectations of your intended audience
  • Delivering the wrong message with some of your campaigns

In a nutshell, SEO for B2B companies today is about multiple points of visibility and engagement, relevance, and the user experience. It’s very similar to what’s going on with B2C engagement. When it comes to internet marketing, San Diego B2B businesses rely on Saba SEO. From focusing on keywords and providing high-quality online content to managing your online reputation, our team can help you increase your website traffic and conversions. With our customized SEO plans and packages, you can rest assured your business’s online visibility is in safe hands. To learn about our digital marketing services, call one of our consultants at 858-951-1717 today.