Proximity to Searcher Is the New #1 Local Search Ranking Factor

The New #1 Local Search Ranking Factor: Proximity to Searcher

Many Google users have recently noticed that the top results from location-based searches aren’t as helpful or accurate as they used to be. When searching for a product or a service in a particular city, the results in the local pack often don’t have any Google reviews. Some businesses don’t even have a website, and many haven’t verified their Google listing.

However, the top results from a local search are almost always the businesses in closest proximity to the searcher. This has led SEO experts to believe proximity to the searcher is now one of the most important factors in local search rankings.

Viewing the closest businesses that offer the right product or service could be convenient for some Google users. However, this change in local search rankings may be Google’s attempt to increase their ad revenue. It may be an incentive for businesses to pay to be included in the local pack, and this change may also allow users on the Local Finder page to see more than just the three results included in the pack. The Local Finder page includes ads, so more visitors will increase Google’s ad revenue.

Despite this change to search rankings, local SEO is still very important. It may be more difficult for a business to appear in the local pack when they aren’t in close proximity to the searcher, but they can still utilize SEO techniques to appear in the organic search results that appear under the pack. Businesses can also boost their online presence by optimizing their profiles in Yelp, TripAdvisor, Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, and other similar sites.

Most Google users look for the best product or service in their area, not necessarily the closest. Many searchers will look beyond the local pack to find the best business, even if they have to drive a little longer to get there.

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