Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

effective email marketing

Over the last few years, social media and other channels have become the focal point of internet marketing while the popularity of email marketing has plummeted. Many business owners have reported declining response rates for their email campaigns and, as a result, email marketing has been put on the back burner. However, every business owner and marketing manager should ask themselves if email marketing could still be effective.

The answer to this question lies in the statistics. According to an article published by Forbes, customers generated from emails are 11% more valuable than the ones stemming from social media. McKinsey & Co., a research and consulting firm, claimed that email was 40% more effective than social media in generating customers. This proves that email marketing is still one of the best channels for acquiring new customers.

Effective email marketing is both an art and a science. Many business owners do not have the marketing skills and experience necessary to craft email campaigns that generate a substantial click-through rate. A modern day marketing specialist will not only be able to come up with an email strategy to maximize business growth and brand recognition, but they’ll also use highly effective emails in conjunction with other platforms such as social media. A knowledgeable social media specialist will be able to combine the old with the new to create a highly specialized campaign that meets your specific goals.

One of the best ways to get email marketing to perform is to start getting serious about testing and analytics. The subject line of an email often determines the success of an email blast. Split testing with a small sample first before launching is one way to maximize open rates. Another is to test different opening leads and email copy. Being analytical about email marketing is the surefire way to discover what kind of emails work for your business objectives.

The bottom line is that email marketing can be very effective if done right. If you’re ready to take the guess work out of marketing, SEO, SEM, web design and mobile app development, contact the professionals at Saba SEO by calling (858) 277.1717.