5 Effective Emotional Marketing Triggers

Customer Loyalty Tips in San Diego, CA

We now know that a consumer’s conscious and subconscious emotions play a very big role in their shopping habits. By understanding some of the variables that trigger these emotions, businesses can create much more effective online marketing campaigns for their products and services.

1. Trust

Building trust with your customers is one of the best long-term investments you can make. Unfortunately, this is no easy process for most businesses and often requires dozens of positive interactions. Once the trust has been built, you must avoid abusing it at all costs with hidden fees or surcharges.

2. A Sense of Belonging

Even the most introverted individuals will still want to feel as if they are part of a group at some point. You can leverage this emotion by creating a sense of family within your company. When a customer feels invested in your product or service, they will become a walking advertisement for your company.

3. Fear

Fear is one of the few emotions that can override almost anything else we feel. While this might sound like a negative or aggressive emotion to work with, it can actually bring customers closer to your brand in a very positive manner. As long as your product or service can help them avoid the situations they fear, you can easily use this emotion to your advantage.

4. Value

The value we place on our daily purchases is another powerful driving factor. Those who feel as if they are getting a good deal or purchasing something that will enrich their lives are much more likely to evolve from one-time buyers to lifelong customers.

5. Competition

People are often driven to make purchases that will put them on equal or better footing than their peers. When you happen to have a new product or better service, it is important that your customers know exactly how it outclasses your competition.

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