Start Using Employee-Generated Video for Content

Video Content in San Diego, CA

One of the content marketing trends in 2015 was employee-generated video content, and it will continue to be an important marketing technique. So what sets this particular type of content apart? There are a multitude of reasons why EGC on video is a great strategy for online marking in San Diego.

Why Use Video?

For one, most people find it easy to explain things while talking. Few people think writing is an easy or preferable task. If given the choice between teaching something through conversation or writing, the majority will opt for speaking.

Many employees enjoy being involved in video-related projects as well. It won’t be difficult to find volunteers to produce video content for your business.

Thirdly, your employees provide a perspective that writers outside of the organization can’t. That is because they are the ones actually working for you and involved in the business. As a result, they typically have a good understanding of the message and culture behind your brand.

How to Get Started — It’s not as difficult as it seems!

First, set a realistic goal, such as creating one piece of EGC per month. You can increase the number of videos you post once you get the hang of it.

Then, consider the strengths and expertise of your team. Who is the best at a particular task? Who is good at explaining concepts that are hard to grasp? Who keeps up with trends in your industry? Each employee has his or her own unique expertise and strengths. Tailor the video content to these strengths.

As you can tell, using employee-generated video content is easier than it seems and fun as well. Heading into 2016, make it one of your goals to generate EGC content on video as part of your marketing and brand awareness plan.

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