What Should I Know about Image SEO?

About Image SEO in San Diego, CA

Image SEO refers to the optimization of images included in content you want to rank well on search engines. It’s different from traditional SEO because search engines aren’t capable of sorting image-based content just by looking at it. Even so, there are steps you can take to get some SEO mileage out of images associated with your content. Whether you’re designing your SEO strategies on your own or letting one of the premier San Diego SEO companies take the lead, here are a few things you need to know about image SEO.

Properly Size Your Images

Realize the majority of your images will likely be viewed on mobile devices, and Google considers how a website appears on smaller screens for ranking purposes. One way to solve this problem is to compress your images before you upload them. Also, check to see how your images are affecting your page speed and load times once they’re placed, since these factors also affect ranking.

Customize Image File Names

Customizing the names of your image files lets Google and other search engines know what your images are about. Simply change the default file name for your image to one that’s descriptive of the image to personalize your image file name.

Make Your Alt Text SEO Friendly

Alt tags present alternatives to images if browsers can’t display them. These tags are useful because they still provide a description of the image even when it can’t be seen. This also helps users because they’ll be able to know what the image is even if it won’t load for them. Alt tags also allow you to associate relevant keywords with your images, which further helps with ranking.

Also, add images to your sitemap or create a sitemap specifically for your images. This is another way to give search engines some useful info about your images so they can help with your ranking goals. Lastly, focus more on unique, high-quality images instead of opting for stock ones. This is an extra step that can also set your business or brand apart from competitors.

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