What Are Content KPIs & Why Are They Important?

Understanding Content KPIs & Their Important in San Diego, CA

Content is still king when it comes to how well what you present online performs, and this is exactly why there are certain key performance indicators (KPIs) you’ll want to be mindful of if your goal is to inspire conversions and overall brand engagement. Here’s a closer look at some essential content KPIs and why they’re important, brought to you by the content marketing professionals from Saba SEO, one of the premier marketing companies in San Diego.

SEO Metrics

SEO metrics are important because they give you an idea of how searchers are interacting with your site, how much time they’re spending on it, and how effective your keywords are. There are many SEO metrics you can keep an eye on, but the biggies include: 

• Click-through rates and organic clicks 
• Quality and quantity of links 
• Impressions and page speed 
• Search engine page results

Business/Conversion Metrics

These are the stats that help you determine how much return you’re getting on your investment when it comes to your bottom line. One way to track conversions for business purposes is to check how well certain keywords or keyword phrases are leading people to your content and convincing them to take the desired action(s).

User Engagement Metrics

With user engagement, dive a bit deeper into your stats beyond conversation rates. For example, it would be more useful to look at which of your pages are getting the most engagement. You can use this info to take a look at both the well-performing and underperforming pages to see what’s working for you and what needs some attention. You could then A/B test different content variations to see if you can get more traffic to your poorly performing pages.

Social Engagement Metrics

Things like how many followers your brand has on Twitter or how many Facebook friends your business has can be important to some extent, but what you really should focus on with social media is how people are engaging with your content. Social engagement matters because it shows search engines how people are engaging with your brand outside your website. Some of the more relevant social engagement metrics include: 

• What content is getting shared the most 
• Whether longer or shorter social content is performing better for you 
• Which social content is convincing people to click back to your site 

An effective content strategy is based on a solid understanding of how your content is performing. Just remember the content KPIs discussed here will only be useful if you’re consistently producing high-quality content in line with what matters most to your target audience. 

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