Facebook Ad Targets for SMBs

Small Business Facebook Ads in San Diego,CA

It used to be that Facebook was the holy grail of free online marketing opportunities for small businesses, but Facebook reconfigured its advertising algorithm, decreasing organic reach and page visibility. While getting your business seen will cost you now, there are a few ways to target current customers and reach new ones.

Start with Your Current Customers

Why reinvent the wheel? Take the list of customers you already have in your database and ad them into Facebook as targets for your ads. It makes sense to continue to engage with this group, as they’ve already shown interest in your business and are more likely to respond positively to campaigns.

Pursue Your Website Visitors

Targeting visitors to your website who didn’t make a purchase is a good idea because this group has already shown interest or need in your offering. You can take this approach a step further by choosing specific website pages to target and gearing your Facebook ad toward the interests of those specific visitors.

Use Your Email List

Another target group you already have access to is your email list. Targeting adds to this group after you’ve sent an email increases their exposure to your business. People tend to trust companies that are familiar to them and may feel compelled to click your ad.

Take Advantage of Local Events

If you are planning to set up a booth at a local community event, you can search for attendees on the event’s Facebook page. Target ads to this list both immediately before the event to encourage more visitors to your table and after the event to bring continued awareness from the brand.

Reach International Customers

If your business appeals to international customers, it’s easy to utilize Facebook to reach this audience. It’s also inexpensive. Target ads to the locations most likely to convert in order to increase your prospects.

Marketing your business on Facebook will take a little creativity, a little trial and error, and maybe some outside help from an SEO firm in San Diego—should you need it. We also offer AdWords campaign management and website design and development. Call us at (858) 277-1717 and request more information today!