How Facebook’s New Buttons Could Impact Businesses

New Update for Facebook Introduces Dislike Button in San Diego, CA

After receiving requests for years to include a “Dislike” button on posts in addition to the “Like” button, Facebook has developed a new feature call “Reactions” that will allow users to show their feelings for certain posts beyond the basic “Like”. Although it won’t be called a “Dislike” button, users will have more options to express how they feel about a post, including “Sad” and “Angry”. Beyond personal posts, the new scope of emotion buttons could have large effects on the social media marketing efforts of both small and large businesses.

Branding Efforts

Businesses working to create a particular image for their company often publish posts outlining their stance on certain issues. With Facebook’s new buttons, followers will be able to interact with these posts in a way that may not necessarily be beneficial for the business. For example, American Eagle frequently delivers messages about their American-made products. If Facebook users decide they no longer appreciate these messages of American patriotism, they will be able to express their discontentment with these posts. Once a post receives a high number of negative reactions, other followers may become skeptical of the information that American Eagle is distributing. If a large quantity of Facebook users criticize a company’s message using theses buttons, the company’s branding and internet marketing efforts could be seriously harmed. Over time, this could result in decreased business growth.

A Reactive Audience

The new feature will also offer opportunities for data analysis and growth. In the past, business owners could judge the success of their company’s branding efforts by how many Facebook users liked particular posts. Now, business owners will be able to see how many people actually feel upset, humored, or happy about their posts. By knowing exactly what social media posts customers positively respond to, business owners will be able to better tailor posts for their audience and satisfy customers.

Ultimately, the new buttons could put more accountability on businesses and improve the overall satisfaction of consumers. Facebook is currently testing the expanded buttons in Ireland and Spain, no word on when they will hit the American market.

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