Facebook Rolls Out New Software Tool for Distributing Articles

Facebook Has New Software Tool for Distributing Articles in San Diego, CA

Facebook’s Instant Articles (IA) is appealing to publishers since it allows articles to be distributed nearly ten times faster than standard mobile web load times. However, some publishers have turned their attention elsewhere because of technical and business constraints. In an attempt to woo publishers back to IA, Facebook has launched a new software tool that automatically converts IA pages to Google’s AMP (Amplified Mobile Pages) format and the Apple News format. Here’s what San Diego SEO service providers know so far about this latest development.

Removing a Barrier for Publishers

The updated software development kit (SDK) changes the markup used to create content for Instant Articles into code that’s needed for AMP and Apple News formats. It removes a barrier for publishers wishing to transfer their IA content to other formats. The new software tool allows for easy plug-and-play adaptability with a publisher’s own content management system (CMS) or other publishing tools they may be using.

Creating a “Publisher-Friendly” Business Model

After the initial rollout of IA, some news content publishers didn’t think it was all that “publisher friendly” in terms of allowing stories to be easily transferred to other formats. The new software tool is the latest step the company is taking to improve its relationship with news outlets. Additional efforts include:

  • Launching of the Facebook Journalism Project to address publishers’ concerns and gather feedback to improve the Instant Articles experience
  • Allowing readers of Instant Articles to sign up for emails directly from publishers
  • Permitting readers to “like” publishers’ Facebook pages
  • Partnering with BuzzFeed and other publishers to produce video content with ad breaks

According to a Pew Research Center study, more than 80 percent of U.S. adults use mobile devices to access news, and roughly half of all smartphone users get news alerts. It seems Facebook wants to make it easier to convert articles to other formats for publishers. Some industry insiders predict widespread adaptation of the tool could extend Facebook’s influence in the mobile content world.

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