Study Reveals Important Information About Featured Snippets for Mobile

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Getting a featured snippet is a great way to attract visitors to your site. A featured snippet is the search result that appears at the top of the organic results page and attempts to answer the user’s question. It’s longer than the standard snippets that appear under each search result, and it usually answers the question more directly and thoroughly. The experts at Saba SEO, one of the leading San Diego marketing companies, discuss a recent study on featured snippets for mobile.

SEMrush recently conducted a study to figure out how Google selects their featured snippets for mobile searches. They collected a group of featured snippet hubs, which are web pages that have earned multiple featured snippets. Some single URLs have earned almost 3,000 separate snippets, and the snippet hubs have several factors in common.

Pages that earn featured snippets tend to be easy to skim. On average, SEMrush found that a featured snippet hub has 22 headers and subheaders, which is helpful for mobile browsing. They also found that the majority of featured snippet hubs have secure URLs, and most are written at about a seventh-grade level. Most of the pages include several images and external link citations.

The content isn’t the only factor in earning a featured snippet. According to SEMrush’s study, site architecture plays an important role as well. It’s generally best to move from broad to narrow with the folder structure. Linking to other topics on your site throughout the content helps as well.

The study found that 94 percent of the pages that earned a featured snippet ranked in the top five for that search. Questions and comparisons are the most common searches that bring up featured results. Creating site content that answers questions or compares two topics may be the best way to earn a featured snippet. If you have helpful content, good organization for mobile devices, and smart site architecture, your pages may start appearing as featured snippets on mobile searches.

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