6 Essential Features to Include on Your Website

Features to Include on Your Website in San Diego, CA

A website should be unique to some extent in a way that reflects the nature of your business. At the same time, there are certain website features you should know and include on your site. Some of the features discussed below are recommended by the experts at Saba SEO, a premier San Diego web development company, because most website visitors expect them, and others are meant to encourage visitors to take the desired action once they arrive.

1. Sufficient Copy

An argument can be made that content is the most important website feature. And while there’s something to be said for a minimalist approach to website design, there’s also such a thing as a lack of sufficient content on your website. Make sure your site features enough content on each page, especially the homepage, to provide enough initial info—like what you’re offering or what your business does.

2. Easily Accessible Navigation Features

Navigation features on a website should be easy to find and use. These are the prompts or links within drop-down menus that take visitors to various pages quickly. Avoid navigation confusion by making menus easy to find. Also, put the selections in your menus in a logical order when it’s possible to do so.

3. Calls to Action

Give visitors to your site multiple opportunities to take action with strategically placed CTAs throughout your website’s content. CTAs are an important feature, since they give visitors who know what they want a chance to act quickly.

Bonus tip: You should also know that CTAs for your mobile users can include clickable links to your phone number.

4. Website-Accessible Blogs

An on-site blog section is an often-recommended feature, since it gives visitors to your site a chance to easily access more in-depth content. In some cases, it makes sense to have your blog separate from your website. Even with situations like this, a feature of your website should be a link to your blog.

Bonus tip: Live feed links to your social pages are a related website feature you should know about.

5. Testimonials & Customer Reviews

These are website features that help new visitors feel better about making a purchase or using the services you offer. What’s more, testimonials and customer reviews don’t have to take up too much space on your website. For instance, they can be presented in a way that allows visitors to scroll or tap through them.

6. Real Photos or Original Images

Stock photos and images aren’t going to make your website stand out all that much from the crowd. Plus, newer visitors may have some hesitation if they come across images or photos that clearly look like they were repurposed or obtained from a generic collection. Whenever it’s possible to do so, enhance your website by featuring real photos and images that are unique to your business.

One other “website feature” to include is SEO. This encompasses everything from the keywords you use on your site to how your website is structured technically. Ultimately, you want a combination of website features that create a positive user experience for new and returning visitors.

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