How to Build a Community of Advocates Through Smart Content

Utilizing Smart Content to Build a Community of Advocates in San Diego, CA

What happens when you need to spread the word about a new product but you don’t have the budget for a massive marketing campaign? What would you do if your business experiences bad publicity? The solution to potential problems like these is to build a strong network of advocates who can promote your brand. San Diego SEO experts share a few tips on how to build a team of advocates through smart content.

Look for Employee Advocates

There are negative perceptions out there about several industries, and such issues quickly become amplified when there’s a lot of bad publicity. One possible solution is to encourage your employees to emphasize on the positive aspects of your brand.

You can create vlogs featuring real employees sharing their thoughts or chronicling their daily activities, regular podcasts, or Facebook groups where your employees can dispel misconceptions. The public tends to respond better to stories from real people, so look for compelling employee narratives that can be shared in your content.

Get Existing Followers Involved

Reach out to followers who are loyal to your brand and provide them with daily contests and other forms of engagement. You can even spotlight some customers who’ve been offering useful suggestions or regularly submitting their own photos and videos on your social pages. You might end up with results that include:

  • Existing followers sharing your content with their friends
  • New followers coming on board and sharing their own content
  • Influencers with strong reputations promoting your brand on their social media accounts

Understand Your Audience Better

Take a closer look at your social followers to see who they are and why they love your brand. Find out what they like about your brand. Understand your audience better and produce smarter content likely to encourage more loyalty. Also consider:

  • When are your followers most active and engaged?
  • What specific content are your followers sharing about your brand?
  • Where are they sharing your brand-related content?

Reach Out Individually

Initiate one-on-one conversations with active followers. Seek insights and get opinions about what they like about your brand, where they see room for improvement, and what they’d like to see in your content in future. Your followers are also likely to appreciate the VIP treatment offered to solicit their input, which may convince them to be more vocal brand advocates.

Find Creative Ways to Reuse Content from Advocates

Use any relevant content you get from brand advocates throughout your website, blogs, and social media pages. For instance, voluntary customer testimonials can make a great addition to your website, and user-submitted videos can be edited into shorter clips that can be used in your social posts or on your website.

Brand advocates can be a wonderful source of valuable content. Content offered by brand advocates often leads to a domino effect where smart content inspires more engagement across multiple platforms. What it can mean for your brand is a boost in both reputation and visibility.

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